Our Vision

We place learning at the heart of our communities and aim to improve the life chances of all children. We are committed to raising the aspirations and achievement of our children by providing continuous school improvement through outstanding leadership, challenge, collaboration and support.

Unity Schools Trust academies will offer the highest standards of education characterised by:

  • Delivering academic standards and achievement rates well above national levels.
  • Setting new, exceptionally challenging expectations for all.
  • Promoting inspirational teaching, challenging lessons and independent learners.
  • Providing an outstanding curriculum that is personalised and offers the right range of curriculum pathways and routes to success.
  • Actively seeking and listening to children’s views and maximising their involvement in developing the academy.
  • Promoting children’s enjoyment, safety and healthy lifestyles. Developing children’s commitment to others and a positive approach to inclusion and diversity.
  • Ensuring transition into and out of the academy offers security, builds on best practice from their previous learning experiences and brings fresh challenge as children enter the next phase of their learning.

Unity Schools Trust Information Booklet